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Basic Painting Information

Using paint to change the look of a room is a rather easy process as long as you know what you are doing. It is also a very quick way to update your home. There is a lot to know about before you start if you want good results.

Latex or Oil

Most people today use latex paint. It is a much easier clean up process because latex is water-based. Drips can be wiped off with a wet cloth and the brushes can be washed with soap and water. In between coats instead of washing the brushes every time (as long as you don’t wait more than a day), you can place the brush in a baggie or wrap it in a plastic bag. Latex paint also has a less strong smell to it as you are painting.

Oil paints are not water soluble. To clean any drips and the brushes you need to use paint thinner. After using paint thinner on the brushes they still need to be washed with soap and water. Some people think that oil paint seals out stains better.


To get the best results from your paint you should always prime first no matter which kind of paint you use. Primer is specially made to adhere well to the wall and for your paint to adhere well to. If you have severe stains to cover such as water stains you will probably need a stain-blocking primer. Also depending on the color of paint you choose you may need to use a tinted primer.

Paint Finishes

Flat paint is good at hiding minor blemishes but shows dirt easily and doesn’t hold up well to scrubbing. Eggshell paint reflects slightly more light but it is also better to wash.

The next paint up is satin. Satin paint is great for all of the rooms that you need to be washable like your kids room.It is easily washed. Semigloss is as it sounds, slightly shiny or glossy. It reflects a lot of light but is very durable which makes it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

For the highest durability you can use gloss paint. Most people however find it to be too reflective and glossy. Any minor imperfection stands out in gloss paint.


Today you can find any color of paint that you could possibly desire. It can be a daunting task to choose the perfect color. Many people choose white or a shade of off white to be safe.You can use a color wheel to find colors that compliment each other. Keep the type of lighting in your home in mind when you look at the store because the lighting can make a very big difference on how your eyes see the color.


The basic tools required for painting are painters tape, roller pans, drop cloths, paint can opener, stir stick, rags, and a wire brush for cleanup.

The two most important are the brushes and rollers. Since these are what you actually put the paint on the wall with the quality is important. A good paintbrush is more expensive but does a better job and with proper care will last longer than a cheap one. Likewise a good roller will also leave a superior finished wall than a cheaper one.


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