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Outdoor lighting has changed significantly just over the past ten years along.  It was in fact serviceable and little more, however that has changed greatly and today, outdoor lighting in gardens and patios or decks has become a part of the overall decorating scheme of the home. Lighting designers and landscapers add lighting to the home during its building and plan for certain effects when they are planning that lighting.

Varying types of lighting schemes are used in outdoor lighting, including, Ambient, Downlighting, Uplighting, Diffused Lighting, Spotlighting, and Moonlighting (not the kind where you work two jobs.*L*)

A brief explanation of each is given below to help you make choices about your own outdoor lighting.

 Ambient lighting is a type that will give you lighting coverage in the entire area, but offers only a level of light that is easy on the eye and provides comfort to those who are using i
Downlighting means that the source of the light is above the object you want to enhance so that a spray of light is directed down onto that object, or casts a path of light toward it. It is used to highlight an object such as a small fountain, but it can also be used for security.

Moonlighting, a great deal like downlighting, means that you will place the source of the light very high up in a tree or on the side of your home so that it will create the same effect as mooonlight shining down onto the objects below.
Diffused Lighting does just what it says. It will make a pattern of lower intensity light on shrubbery, or flower beds and spread that low light over a much wider area, while

Spotlighting, will create a beam of light that enhances or floods one single area or object in the garden, such as the steps to provide for better vision to enter and leave the home.

Shadow lighting will light a feature from both the front and below it to leave some interesting shadows on the wall or tree or whatever lies behind your object.

Advances in outdoor lighting have also helped to make it far easier to install, and in fact some of the choices above are available in solar type lighting, which requires no wiring and can be installed in as little as ten minutes.

There is simply no reason at all, why any home today doesn’t have adequate outdoor lighting to provide for high security, and high style.


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