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Next to your kitchen, you probably spend the most time in your living room. OUr living rooms are just what the name suggests, a place to pass our time reading, watching televions where we may on occasion eat a meal or snack on something, as well as a play room and in some cases work on the computer.

It is a haven for multifunctional living and as such, can so easily accumulate clutter that make it seem less airy or less comfortable to sit in. To begin our foray into organizing this den of madness, lets take a look at all the magazines, newspapers books and school papers that we’ve accumulated in the room. Discard those which are not current, or, if you choose to keep them, buy a loose leaf binder, punch holes in them and file them on a bookshelf rather than leaving them lie about until something makes a home inside it. Those that you don’t want to keep, recycle. A great way to do this with books is to donate them to a local charity or your library.

Trading books with a friend is a great way to keep them from growing in number and outgrowing the book shelf.

Try purchasing baskets to keep your books and magazines in rather than letting them sit on tabletops collecting dust. A handled basket will fit well under a coffe table or end table and can hold a vast array of books and magazines.

Organize your movies, music and dvd collection. I keep my own in compact disc cases. This eliminates a lot of clutter for us because the cases are stackable on the entertainment center.

If you have children or grandchildren, you might want to select a basket or a tote container to house the toys they play with in your living room and place it in a spare room, or closet, so that they are not lying in the living room, particularly nice when the holidays roll around and you’d like space to entertain.

Organizing your furniture is particularly important, in that you don’t want people to have to step around, squeeze through or feel hemmed in by the furniture that is supposed to provide them comfort.

Crowded rooms are not comforting, nor are they welcoming. If you have to turn sideways to enter or leave a room, its not a place you want to spend a lot of time in. Try to arrange your room so that it is ccomfortable but leaves the maximum amount of floor room for your family to walk in.

If looking at your room and thinking about what might look right leaves you shaking your head, or you just bought a twelve foot sofa for a ten foot room, then you need a hand. Some of the easier methods of placing the furniture are these:

Measure your room and either use graph paper to make it to scale, as well as the major pieces of furniture in it.. I used this method, one half inch equalled one foot in length. then used the small paper furnitures to make the room look roomy on paper. Now that i have a computer i use that, and Corel Draw to accomplish the same thing.

Anything in your room that will affect the furniture, such as a window seat, a window you want with nothing on front of it, cables or televisions that dont’ move well should be accounted for on your room scale drawing. Choose a focal point in your scale room. If its your fireplace, the televions, book cases or a sofa, and then work from there.

While arranging think about family and guests and what you use the room for. The living room should encourage converstion and interaction, so try to make a conversatoinal area, rather than one chair in either end of a twenty foot room.

A few points to remember when arranging furniture.

If you have a coffee table, 18 inches to two feet between that table and the sofa are necessary for reasonable leg room.

At least a 3 foot wide walking space should be left for a traffic area.


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