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Originally crafted by Hispanic and Native Huichole Indians of Mexico, the Ojo de Dios, or eye of God is a wall hanging, or can be a Christmas ornament which reflects the watching of men by the Gods. This is a very traditional part of a Southwestern decor.

These decorations are fairly easy to make and can be made using items around the house. These are also a craft that is good for children to work on and they make good Christmas presents with little expense involved.

Materials needed: thin ¼” or ½” wooden dowels; utility knife; toothpicks; green, gold, white; red embroidery floss or yarn; wood glue and scissors; measuring ruler; pen or pencil.

Cut the dowel into equal length pieces, a seven or eight inch length is an easy length to work with.

Place the dowels side by side and mark the centers with the pen or pencil. Measure from that mark either ¼” or ½” depending on what size dowel you are working with.

Using the utility knife, make a small cut between the marks, cutting away the wood so that both dowels will fit closer together. Be careful- do not cut too deep or else the wood will snap.

Place the dowels together with one horizontal and the other vertical, with the center cuts joining. Glue them in place and let dry.

The next step is to choose what color of yarn you wish to work with. Take the chosen color and tie it around the center of the two crossed dowels.

Wrap it diagonally several times in one direction then in the other diagonal direction. At this point you should have a lumpy look in the middle of the crossed pieces, with a most of the dowels showing bare wood.

Select your second color and begin to wrap it around one dowel then to the next, moving in a clockwise direction, alternating over and under each dowel as you reaches around it.

Keep the tension snug but not too tight.

Change colors when you wish, the most important part is to keep the pattern of over/ under the same.

When you are done with no bare wood remaining, spread a little glue on the end of the dowel, wrap with the color to cover it.

Make tassels for the three sides, the fourth side is the one you can hang it up by, either on the wall or on a tree.

For miniature ojo’s use embroidery floss and toothpicks, these are harder to do, but the efforts are worth it. I also have used popsicle sticks but prefer the dowels because it looks more professional.


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