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One of the newest and best ideas in home planning is the inception of the downloadable designs that can be purchased from various companies internet wide.
You don’t need to visit your designer now, or to pay vast amounts to him for personal consultations, and you can find the home design of your dreams without having to leave youir house if you so desire.

The advent of the internet has streamlined many things, and among them is the home design arena, making it possible for you to just visit the site and download the home design plans that you’ve paid for.
Companies are finding this a much faster and economical way to offer their designs for sale as they don’t need to mail out in many cases, however for those who do want them mailed,that service is also available.

One such company is Associated Designs, who offer their home designs for sale on their website, and feature as many as 750 designs from all types of home styles.

One of my personal favorites is the Pereza Design, which features the kitchen as the “true” heart of the home.

In this unique design, the kitchen is really the center of attention and the center of the home. It will open into the family room, entry hall and can be gotten to from any direction.

A large eating bar separates the kitchen sink from the family room, but permits the folks who are doing the cleanup to stay part of the group and remain part of the conversation thats taking place, while a walk in pantry keeps you well stocked with plenty of room for all the food goods you’re going to need for entertaining in your new home.

Featuring a spa tub and a lovely stylish corner shower this home design has some luxurious amenities as well as some real common sense design elements such as large walk in closets and deep sinks and cabinets in the laundry room.
Pay a visit to the many design sites on the internet when you’re searching for home design plans to see if you can’t find what you’re looking for far more rapidly than you otherwise might.

A catalogue featuring this design and about 500 more is available for you to choose from if you pay a visit to
Associated Designs


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