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A healthy garden is the best defense against insect damage. There are many ways to prevent and control insect damage but the way to go is by using Natural Pest Control that is safe for you, your kids, your pets and the environment. Name one pest and there will surely be a natural pest control for it. It is also more economical than buying pesticides. How do I do it? I will tell you.

  1. Build healthy organic soil. Mulching, natural composting methods and dressing your plants with fertilizers is the best way to develop strong plants.
  2. Pull out any weak plants that have been infected. Dispose it right away from your garden. If you don’t dispose them right away, they will attract more harmful insects.
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly after taking out the infected plants so as to not infect your good plants as well.
  4. Remember to wash the tools and gloves thoroughly too if you used them in weeding out your plants.
  5. Clean the garden area of debris and weeds which are usually breeding grounds for insects.
  6. It is important to keep water foliage dry so you must learn how to water the roots of the plants or water early so that the foliage will be dry for most of the day.
  7. Know what insects are beneficial. Attract them into your garden and they will prey on harmful insects. Some of these are the praying mantis, ladybugs, lacewings, hover-flies, brachonids, chalcids and ichneumon wasps.
  8. Rotate your plants every once in a while. Try to mix your plants as insect pests are often plant specific. This will discourage the pests to spread throughout your garden.

There are also home made remedies which are non toxic that you can use for different kinds of insects.

  1. For soft bodied insects, mix a tablespoon of canola oil, soap or detergent and water. Mix very well and pour into a spray bottle. Shake well before spraying into the infected plants. Spray all over the plant from above down and the underside of the leaves. This mixture smothers the insects.
  2. For mites and other insects, you can mix two tablespoons of hot pepper sauce and a few drops of liquid soap into one quart of water. Let it stand overnight, stir and pour into the spray bottle. Shake well before each application.
  3. For fungal diseases, a mixture of one quart of water and two tablespoons of baking soda will do. Pour into a spray bottle spray the infected areas. Repeat every few days until the problem stops.
  4. For slugs who they say love the taste of beer, simply place a small dish of beer in the garden and this attract the slugs. They will surely drown once they climb in the dish.
  5. For the bugs in your produce, just soak it in a solution of one cup white vinegar and a gallon of water. After soaking, make sure to rinse it well in water.

REMEMBER to eliminate the harmful insects only and spare the insects that are beneficial to your plants.



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