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The variety of wallcoverings and fabric patterns that are available to us today offer more than countless possibilities to decorating, but selecting from them is sometimes difficult.

The process of choosing coordinating wallcovering doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you follow a few simple rules of color and decorating.

Before choosing fabric or wallcovering, first, settle on a color scheme, and keep in mind how the room will be used, as well as the mood that you want to create by the decorating theme.

Wallcovering Example
Wallcovering Example

Be sure to choose a color that you particularly like. Surprisingly many people don’t do this and as a result are disappointed with their choice in a very short time.

You may take inspiration from a rug, a favorite piece of furniture or even a painting that hangs on the wall in the room you are decorating.

After you’ve chosen the color scheme, then is the time to think about a pattern for unifying the theme, such as a particular motif, floral or plaid, or a certain look, traditional, country French, or American country.

This theme can be achieved by a mixture of patterns such as small stars, checks, stripes, or neutrals.

With the colors and the theme in mind, pattern selection comes next. Generally it’s a good rule of thumb to choose patterns that will differ in size so that the patterns won’t appear to fight for dominance in the room you are decorating.

Use some patterns more lavishly, while others will be more or less coordinating, and will be used far less in the room. This will add variety and visual interest to the room without overwhelming it.

Wallcovering Example
Wallcovering Example

One strategy that is used in country decorating is to cover areas that are larger expanses with a larger print, so that you might want to choose a larger print for walls and perhaps the sofa, while the smaller areas, such as throw pillows, a chair or ottoman would be covered with a smaller more subdued print that accents the larger one well.

Incorporating more than one small pattern or coordinating color will keep the decorating from being overpowering with all one color, one pattern or one large scale design.

It is generally better if you select to use more than one pattern on your walls, to separate the two patterns with a chair rail or border, and to use the darker of the two colors on the bottom, however this is a general rule of thumb, not a hard and fast rule.
In some cases when the ceilings are higher its possible to use the darker color on the top half.

Wallcovering Example
Wallcovering Example

As you can see by the examples, patterned wallpapers can be effectively combined to achieve a certain decorating look such as rustic decorating, country decorating or elegant.

You can accent your room, above and beyond these with well placed punches of color, by picking up the colors from the wallcovering to make pillows, lampshades or using the pattern to add to a wall picture or frame.

Use of a wooden chair rail will also serve to divide the room, and the patterns while adding additional texture to the room.

The key to good decorating is experimentation and an eye for color.
Have fun exploring.


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