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Metal roofing offers many benefits to homeowners, not the least of which is improved property value. These energy efficient roofs are cutting edge, and provide homeowners with a good diversity of color and styles from which to choose.

Additionally, metal roofing is considered “green friendly” in that it’s often made from recycled material, it’s highly sustainable and likewise recyclable at the end of its rather long lifespan on a house. The average metal roof lasts 30 years or more, and they typically carry a 50 year warranty!

While the initial layout for metal roofing is higher than other options (about 500.00 US per square foot), over the roofs life-cycle it has very low administrative costs. It rarely needs significant repair, it resists high winds and fire damage, and it can be applied over an old roof (helping lower the labor costs).

Metal roofing products are listed in Energy Star’s products for high performance in energy efficiency. Specifically a painted metal roof stays 95% reflective over its entire lifespan.

This makes metal roofing eligible for various federal and state programs (ones where you can get low percentage rate loans, discounts, etc.). This, along with the overall resilience of metal, has doubled the sales of metal roofing products in the past five years. Additionally, manufacturers have changed the look of metal roofing including adding texture and color so that the curb appeal of the home remains intact. Consumers actually can buy metal roofing in, say, Tudor style!
Thanks to the strength of metal roofing a homeowner may discover another benefit of this choice – lowered insurance premiums and heating/electric bills. The protective nature of a metal roof not only safeguards from harsh elements (like winds up to 100 mph) but also makes great insulation.


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