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About a year ago, I decided to remodel my master bedroom…

pic 1). Should I go Oriental, Modern, Contemporary, or Traditional? NOT! I wanted something totally different and unique. So, I began searching the Internet for a wall mural and came across one that appears to be an Oasis (Desert Palms). OMG… That’s IT! Egyptian décor is the way to go!

After ordering and delivery, I just had to start the work immediately. So, I put up the mural centered on the wall and found it to be just a bit smaller (12’6”)than I hoped (14’). Some of the bare wall was visible on both sides (pic 2), but that can easily be fixed.

Next step was to find some Egyptian type columns to place in front of the mural thus giving it a more 3 dimensional effect. Found the column and desired it be cut in half vertically so it would lay flat against the mural. Also, a base and header would be needed to support the columns and align them off center of the mural (pic 3).

While waiting on the carpenter, I installed track-lighting to highlight the mural. My carpenter did a great job in building the frame and supports needed to appear as if looking out from the ‘Palace’ into the desert (pic 4).

Next phase was to find a painter and faux-finish professional to make the walls appear as large sandstone blocks. The closet, bathroom, and bedroom doors were painted to appear as wood with gold inlay and green marble (pic 5a).

That was later changed to be blue marble to better compliment the sarcophagus
of King Tut that is used for DVD storage(pic 5b).

Now it was time to find the furniture that would go into my ‘Palace’; the large speakers, water-bed, and old nightstands would NOT do.

I found the dresser & mirror (pic 6)

side table (pic 7)

accent chair (Throne pic 8) again on the Internet.

Shopping for an impressive bed was going to be my greatest task. Found the perfect canopy bed with columns topped with Lotus leaves with a canopy in brass.

Success, at Last! (pic 9). Sheets, comforter, & pillow shams were all found at Sears…so I was well on my way. Rugs were also found on the Internet, so the room
was almost complete.

The addition of a few statues (Sphinx, Pyramids), Vases with Peacock Feathers & a large papyrus completed my vision and planning. With the lights on dimmer, I can create any mood from ‘bright sun’ to ‘moon lit night’.The hidden speakers with a DVD player completes the ambiance for a truly relaxing and peaceful room to mellow out and sleep. (pic 10)

Being the ‘perfectionist’ I am….I could NOT stop there. Had to do the bathroom with a green marble wallpaper and hang the wall-relief of King Tut (Live For a Million Years). (pic 11)

While surfing, I could not resist the beautiful love seat and tables that went perfect in my home office (pic 12).

I will not tell you the total cost of this project including all the work and furniture; however, it did cost more than planned… but, everyone seems to Love It!

Guess the Living Room is NEXT! lol

Bill G.
Pompano Beach, Florida


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