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You can transform a bland and blank wall into a vertical garden with a trellis covered in climbers.

You can select the tradtional latticework panels of a fan shaped trellis. Or try one of the more fanciful shapes such as hearts, fouintains or leaf clusters that are currently on the market.

Redwood, cypress and cedar are rot resistant, age to a lovely pearl gray and don’t require any painting unless you want to stain them for color.

For low maintenance try plastic, fiberglass, or enameled aluminum in colors such as wite, green, brown or even red.

An expandable plastic trellis with riveted joined can be contracted or stretched to fit into any space you like and is literally a one size fits all garden accessory.

Air Space

Always make certain that there is at least three inches between the wall that you are setting the trellis against if it is not freestanding.

Using furring strips you will want to attach the trellis to the furring strips rather than the wall itself, so that the gap gives the plants room to grow behind the trellis, let water evaporate and increase the air flow behind it.

Rather than attaching the trellis to the furring strips with screws, plan ahead a little in case you need to move it for any reason and attach it with hooks and eyes. If you would need to repair or paint the wall, the trellis would then easily remove.

Make sure that the trellis you choose will be compatible with the plants you are going to use there.

Clinging vines such as ivy and trumpet don’t need a trellis, they will adhere to anything at all, where as grabbers, such as clematis need to shoot out the tendrils to curl around something such as your trellis. Twinging plants, such as roses require a very sturdy trellis, and should be trained to use it with twine bindings.


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