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A Rock garden is a unique way of capturing both the imagination and the senses with its interesting combination in scents and textures.

Beautiful flowers interesting foliage and hardy rocks and mosses are delicate and subtle adaptations that nature makes to the very cool usually alpine like environments.

Rock gardens are rarely large in size because they are not always easily managed and maintained and because of this factor they are perfect for filling small spaces, for growing in the city or suburbs with smaller gardens and yards, and because you can grow a wide array of plants and flowers in this compact space.

Once they have become established they are very tolerant to life without a great deal of water and will help you to need less water and also less labor.

The one place they will not do well is in a very hot and humid climate and will be, in those areas, frustrating and difficult to deal with.

Sometimes choice rock plants will survive for a few seasons, only to be done in by a week of high temperatures.
The biggest real consideration that can influence the design of rock gardens is space.

In larger spaces, the primary reason for one is to avail yourself of the natural aspects of your property, and to create a sprawling, naturalistic rock garden that means you don’t have to attempt to clear or mow that area, however some, such as myself, simply love the look and consider it a sort of home turf,having been raised in a national forest..

Livng as I do now, with a smaller area and a drier warmer climate, I’m going to have to make myself content with a small raised bed based on something I saw on the net, which gave me a very good idea for a rock garden.
It will fit neatly into a nook in the side of the yard, and bring a touch of northern Pennsylvania to Nebraska.

IT will fit nicely into my lot, won’t be in my way when having to mow and it won’t require a lot of maintenance as I am putting it beneath a large tree in the center of what is a shady area.

To begin with, just cover a circular area of ground with some black plastic or newspaper and then ring it with rocks of your choosing, and fill the area with soil that is a mixture of sandy peat or compost type soil.

The second step will be to begin adding a few rocks, and then start on placing the plants.

The third step in the journey toward your completed rock garden will be to add a few plants now, prior to adding more rocks and then more plant materials.

While it won’t have the alpine feel of things at home, neither will it wilt and wither for lack of cool air.
For many people a consideration is color, which includes not only the flowers and foliage, but also the rocks.
In this area, granite and river rock is rare, but sandstone is very plentiful and easy to find.

This will absolutely affect the color scheme of the florals in the area.

These photos I found online will give you a very good idea of what it is that you will need to do to accomplish this type of rock garden in your own small space.

This can be done on as small or as large a scale as you wish it to be.

If you are, as I am, based in the mid west, then sandstone is going to be plentiful and easy to find.
you will want to base your plants coloration on something that will work well with the reddish hues that it produces and so adding reds, russets, silver tones and some yellows and whites will work remarkably well.

Some shrubbery such as those which will stand up to warmer temperature and drier air are also in order.

Above here is a very simple design for a rock garden that features hardy and long lived plants which are perennial in nature. Prickly Poppy and Tulips as well as Narcissus are very hardy plants and will grow in a wide variety of areas.

If you are interested in building a rock garden there is a remarkable plan for one here, as well as direction on the plants to grow in it located at The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens website.


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