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Hand dipped candles are fun and interesting to make, as well as being a huge money saver. Candles, as I’m sure we’ve all noticed lately, have increased in price a great deal. I tend to love them, and use several each week, particularly during Christmas and Valentines day times, and as such, I decided to beat the cost and make my own.

They are easy to color, easy to scent and the results are beautiful

Materials you will need:
Paraffin Wax (available at most grocery stores)
Double boiler to melt wax
Two large coffee cans, for water bathing the candles
Candle color (this can be something as simple as a few old crayons or wax colors available at crafting store)
Scents ( Fragrance oils, which should be pure essential oil, or scented wax chips.
Candle wicking (most craft supply stores will have this, or you can used waxed cotton such as twisted together white crochet thread.

Dried or pressed flowers if you like.

Cut up your wax so that it will melt more rapidly and place it in the top of the double broiler. Keep the heat medium high or lower so that the wax, which is highly flammable will not catch fire.

Stir wax gently til it is all the way melted.

Add the wax coloring, or crayons to the melted wax, stilling until it comes to the color that you want.

Add the scent medium.

Reheat the wax slightly.

Cut a length of wicking that is about the length that you want for the size candle you are making, OR, if you want to make double candles, cut a bit of wicking that is about 14-16 inches long and double it, holding it over your index finger.

Dip the two pieces of wicking into the wax while it rests over your finger, making sure the two candles don’t touch.

Dip it once, then give it a few seconds and then dip into the cold water vat to cool it, then redip it into the wax vat again.
The candle will at first float on the top of the wax, until the wick is slightly coated.

Repeat the dipping until you get the desired thickness on your candles.

If you want to add dried flowers, leaves or other material, add them at about the last four or five dippings by pressing them into the warm wax on the candle surface and making sure that at least three more dips of wax will take place after you add the materials.

Take a sharp paring knife while the candle is still warm and trim the bottom to make a flat surface.


Never leave children alone with the hot wax.
Never heat wax over 275° F, because it will flame.
Never let wax come in contact with fire because it is very flammable. If it ever should flame up,
DO NOT THROW WATER on a wax fire.


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