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It is not long now and Christmas is just around the corner, you’ve started buying gifts and I predict that you are slowly running out of places to store them. With approximately only 25 days left until Christmas it’s time to find somewhere to put them all. My personal suggestion would be to put them under the Christmas tree but not everyone has begun decorating in preparation for the festive season. However, it’s time to get the tree standing, the baubles hanging, the tinsel streaming, the mistletoe dangling and the lights twinkling.

My favourite part of this season is that I get to decorate the majority of my home with warm festivity. The colours associated with Christmas, the green and red, are what makes me feel it’s Christmas time. However, due to modernisation of the industry Christmas now comes in more colours than just the regular red and green. You can now buy decorations and Christmas trees in a wider assortment of colours, including pink, black and purple. However, this year I thought I would mix the traditional Christmas with the modern Christmas by using a few homemade decorations of my own.

One idea I came up with was a paper Christmas tree. Now I’m talking about a 6ft tree that will fit all of the gifts under but just a little decorative piece to add individualisation and personal difference to your home. This is an ideal way to involve your children and a simple way to keep them busy.


Step 1: Take the magazine and remove the front and back glossy pages being careful not to separate or disrupt the other pages of the magazine.< Step 2: From the front of the magazine cut a square of approximately 5cm x 5cm from the bottom left of each page.

Step 3: Starting at the beginning of the magazine, fold the page from the top right hand corner of the page into the centre fold. Gluing each folded page in place. Repeat this for each individual page.

Step 4: Take the beginning page of the magazine and bend it back to meet with the final page of the magazine. Glue in place securely and leave to dry for a small time. You will now have a tree shape.

Step 5: When dry, paint the entire tree with the colours of your choice.

Step 6: ( If desired) Apply glue to desired areas and sprinkle glitter over the glue.

Step 7: Using a needle and thread or glue, add beads onto the tree.

Step 8: Leave to dry completely.


To add a final touch to your paper tree, take a piece of card and create a star shape the colour of your choice (and for that extra twinkle add glue and sprinkle with glitter, as shown in step 6.) Glue this to the top of your tree to be the centre piece of your Christmas tree.


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