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The small flags that are available on the market are easy as pie to make for yourself if you have minimal sewing skills, or even if you don’t. They are expensive to purchase, costing between 20 and 50 dollars to buy, and only about 10 dollars to make yourself.

Many of those we see to purchase are embroidered, or appliqued with various animals, organizations emblems or other designs that are easy to duplicate using freehand painting or stenciling techniques if you’re more at ease that kind of decorating. We’ve duplicated some of those shown here using simple techniques in stitching, fabric paints and stencils to offer inexpensive methods of creating your own garden flags, or using a heavier fabric, hangings that are more hardy and don’t blow in the wind quite so much.

Materials you will need:

One yard of lightweight nylon fabric OR
one yard heavier canvas material.

Sewing Machine, OR
Dritz Stitch Witchery

Fabric Paints

Foam Stencil Brush

Stencil Mylar

Razor Knife or Craft knife to cut your stencil.

Steam Iron

Using your computers printer print out the mylar with the stencil design of your choice.
Cut the stencil using the exacto or razor knife.

Cut your material to the size you’d like your flag to be.

If you are using a sewing machine to stitch your flag, turn under the raw edges of your flag and iron the seams til they are crisp and stitch in place.
You can make a square flag or if you prefer, a pennant style with a peak at the bottom.
Using a 1/2 inch seam allowance hem three sides of the flag.
At the top, you are going to need two seams, so we’re going to use a two inch seam allowance. Use a rod pocket style pattern to leave at least a one inch rod pocket for the flags hanging

If you’re going to hem using the “Stitch Witchery” follow the directions on the package to hem the flag, making sure to leave at least a one inch pocket for hanging at the top.

Using your stencils and fabric paint, stencil your design onto the flag, making sure to use a heavy enough hand that the stencil paints will go well into the fabric, leaving no bare spots on the fabric.

Allow an hour for your paints to dry and then, using a damp towel, place it across the top of the design and iron it to heat set the paint.

One of the best places we’ve come across for inexpensive flag holders for your garden is located at Garden Flags.com where they can be purchased for under fifteen dollars.

We’ve included a few stencil patterns below for your use, and you may find more like these at Stencils .com which are free of charge for your use.



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