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You can make a perfect gift that is suitable for nearly any holiday or occasion or use it to present a gift to someone.

The basket is easily accomplished using just a:

hot glue gun

glue sticks

dried florals , primarily babies breath, eucalyptus, and dried roses (we get ours from Dried Flowers Direct)

An inexpensive oval or round basket (Fruit Baskets from our favorite store, Annies Amish Baskets are under ten dollars).

Take your basket and wipe the top rim with alcohol. This will remove some of the oils and dust from the top so that the hot glue will adhere well.

Using some background filler, such as babies breath, statice or eucalyptus, hot glue some pieces around the edges of the basket and run all the way around

Begin to add definition now, with some larger flowers, perhaps dried roses or some yellows and golds for fall. When you are satisfied, using some type ribbon tie up one side of the basket in a pretty bow. This could be done in pines for holidays, or in pastels for a baby gift.

If you want to do a custom gift basket, using supplies such as a mug and some special coffee, or a dish towel and some pot holders as well as a recipe and ingredients, these make wonderful gifts for nearly any time.

You can purchase the supplies you need to make the gift basket at Wholesale Basket Supplies.


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