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In the same way that a path may suggest that you ramble through the garden, a bench, set strategically under a shady tree suggests that you linger to read, to rest and to take in the sights and scents of the garden.

A bench in the garden that you labored over will remind you to be seated, and to take the time to relax and enjoy what you created.

A garden bench should always look as though it is a permanent fixture of the garden, being there forever and lasting forever.

One method of gaining that is to begin with a garden bench that has a solid look and feel, imparting the idea that it will always be a part of the garden.

Placing it with deliberate care is important but thankfully not all that complex to do.

As you wander your garden, consider which parts of it make you want to be seated and relax. Where are the most perfect views or pleasant cool spots on a hot summer day. Where are the trees that invite you with their shade and sprinklings of sunlight through the leaves?

Any one of the bench plans that are listed here will offer you both comfort and solid sturdy seating in the garden, or if you prefer, inside your home in an entry wall or a kitchen corner.

The plans listed below are from various sources and offer storage, curved seating or several other amenities, each of them being well worth a look.

Benches, you see, aren’t just for the garden anymore.

Cedar Garden Bench Plans

Build a Pine Garden Bench

Canadian Home Cedar Bench

Build Eazy Garden Bench

Curved Seat Bench Plans

Mendocino bench

Happy Building!!!



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