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Here’s an idea for a simple project that both children and adults can use, and it makes a unique and cozy wintertime gift idea.

Kids making it because it helps learn how to make a new craft that they did not know how to make. My daughter made one for herself and then made a blanket for her aunt. It is easy and you can find the fleece on sale this time of year. One of our favorite fabric stores for fleece, which has some awesome prints such as wildlife, animals, and nearly any cartoon theme you can find is JoAnn Fabrics and crafts.

This project would be one you could do with a young child.

Materials that are needed:

Two different colors of fleece one yard of each color
Cutting mat
Sewing pins

Step number one: Wash and dry your fabric. Iron if fabric is wrinkled. Lay flat, pin together to keep sides from becoming crooked when you measure and cut the fabric.

Step number two: Measure and cut a 3 ½ inch square from the four corners. This is so that you can tie the strips easier when you get to the next step.

Step number three: Using a ruler and colored pencil or marker that shows, mark each side with strips until you have that are one inch along each side and are 3 ½” in length. Accuracy is more important then speed at this point. Continue to mark and cut each side until all are finished.

Step number four: Tie the strips in a double knot, matching the strip of fabric on the top piece with the strip below it. Do the corners first, then go back and complete the rest of the sides, leaving one narrow side open. Place a pillow inside and tie the open side shut.

After you are done, remove any pins that may still be in your pillowcase and clean up any bits of fleece that may be lying about. Put away your sewing tools and enjoy the compliments from family and friends.


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