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Birds like several different things which you can add to your garden area to lure, or draw them into your vision, among them, some cover, something to use to nest with, a sure supply of food and water for bathing and drinking.

One or more of these additions to your garden will assure that your feathered friends will visit you regularly and if you add all of them, most likely you will find yourself host to many nesting birds over the course of the summer.

Lure birds into your garden with a seed table or bird feeder, making sure that you place it in a wind sheltered area such as under an arbor or trellis, or under a tree on a solidly implanted post.

Fill your seed table with millet, to attract ground feeding birds such as mourning doves, or sparrows, or raisins for fruit eating birds, such as Robins and Bluebirds.

Black oil sunflower seeds are favorites for cardinals, bluejays and chickadees, and if you want to draw in woodpeckers and others, add a variety of apple, pear, grapefruit and oranges.

You can sprinkle the seeds on the ground beneath a tree if you like, and lure in such birds as thrush and other low cover birds.

If you choose to leave your seed heads to grow on the flowers for the birds feed, then remember not to deadhead the plants and to plant choices such as asters, cosmos, sunflowers, zinnia and coreopsis.

The music of the birds as they eat from the flowery table will be a sound you will hear even on the coldest days of winter time.

Don’t forget to add a warmable birdbath to your garden, and summer or winter it will serve the birds well.

Place a low watt bulb uner a clay pot and run an extension cord to the pot, setting a pan of water on top of the clay pot.,

The water will stay above freezing for the birds to bathe in summer and drink in winter.

Don’t forget to use a ground fault extension cord for this project.

Grow some inviting hedges which the birds can find cover in, such as honeysuckle, blackbery, yew and hawthorn, to give them places to perch and sometimes even to nest.

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