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Do you have an issue with your living room decorating? It just might be that the solution is right where you are standing. For those who are redecorating the living room, its like the old which came first issue. Do you buy the rug to match the furnishings or buy the furnishings to go with the rug?

Where to place a rug in the room, what color or type is is is really largely dependent on your perspective and the furniture that is in the room.

Living room rugs are largely more subdued but that does not have to be the case. The rug may in fact be a focal point for the room. If that is what you have in mind for the room, and you want the lovely wood floors to show shinging around the edges, a subdued area rug is not going to make you happy in your choice.

Living Room Rugs
Living Room Rugs

Interior designers say there are really three varieties of approach to living room rugs. Deciding whats best for your particular situation is simply a matter of choosing what you want from your rugs.

The first variation is the rug as your focal point or centerpiece.
It must of course be striking even if the colors are subdued, and would most likely be an area rug in the center of the floor or carpet.

The second method involves having your rug or carpet as a silent unnoticeable partner in the overall decorating scheme.
It will underscore and coordinate with all of the other design elements in the living room decor. It will not draw attention to itself but rather, reflect the attention onto the furniture or walls.

the last method that the interior designers suggest, is the “put it all together” method of using your rug or carpet.

This will be the rug that ties colors together, and makes the room seem whole.
It will echo, or pick up some of the other colors in the room, such as the mauve wing chair and the flame stitch sofa of deep green.

A rug that carries both colors, perhaps florals with a tan background, will tie all of the living rooms elements together nicely so that it seems a complete set, rather than single pieces of furniture.


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