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The furniture in your living room is of paramount importance in setting the style for your room. It provides tone and sets the decorating style for the room. LIkewise the tables that you choose to enhance the furniture will make a big difference in the overall rooms look.

Living room furniture in recent years has changed a great deal from what it was, with so many styles becoming available.

Upper scale furniture stores offer retro, 60’s style furniture as well as timeless pieces such as leather, large Victorian florals and smaller wood pieces that have cushions which can be recovered to fit just about any decorating style and color.

How do you choose for your room?

I personally select based on only on my decorating styles and colors, but also on room size, windows and doors .

While this is in fact a night stand, It serves us well in our living room. Purchased from overstock.com for a price of just about 125 USD, it makes a very nice end table and hides a multitude of sins such as our remotes, scented candles (no we don’t burn them in there) and our magazines and books.

A room which is smaller, will not take a smaller scale living room suite that has many smaller pieces because it will take on a look of clutter.

A few larger pieces, such as an oversized leather sofa and one large chunky coffee table works well in a diminutive room, and conversely, a very large room with higher ceilings will take the smaller pieces that have several extras without taking on a look of being too full and hampering your walking space.

If you are going for a clean uncluttered look, or a spacious look, limit the number of your pieces to just a few. Make them large enough to offer ample seating for family and guests.

A larger television, housed in a closeable cabinet such as a hard wood style will make the room appear to be more open and airy. The addition of some larger wall pieces will further enhance this look.

Wall groupings work well for larger walls with fewer openings, but to do that same thing to a wall which has been broken up by several windows will cause a look of business that you probably want to avoid in your living room.

For a smaller room, you will want to buy furniture that will do double duty, such as this drum table, where things like magazine or remote controls can hide well, and offer some storage for your smaller living room items. Sitting beside a sofa it can handle some of the clutter that normally accumulates on top of the coffee table or end table and keep your room looking clean and sharp.


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