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Give your kitchen cabinets, or better still, an antique cabinet hung from the living room wall as a focal point, a sense of surprise when they are opened, or leave them open to display your handiwork and the small collections inside them.

Line an older cabinet with old maps, postcards or photocopies of older newspapers.

This is a home decorating idea that can also work well on open cabinet shelves.

Take numerous smaller items and paper the inside of the cabinet making it into a background such as the flower garden from outside, and use it to showcase small animal statuettes, or enlarge a photo so that the entire inside of the cabinet is done in one picture.

You can, using your computer, print them out in sections of the individual photo, or change the effect of the photo by printing it in black and white or sepia.

Another idea is to take a photo of a scenic background, to enlarge it and print it in sections of the photo so that your cabinet inside, or your shelf gets the mural look inside.

Cut the papers to fit your cabinet after you’ve enlarged them, even in sections, and using a foam brush, spread them with wallpaper paste.

Apply them one paper at a time using a wooden roller to smooth them out when you’ve added them.


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