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Next to a closet, bathrooms are usually the smallest spaces in any home. Nonetheless, upgrades in a bathroom rank very highly among the renovations that add to a home’s value. Because of space constraints, it can be difficult to get exactly what you want in a bathroom, but an innovative company like Kohler certainly helps the process.

Since the late 1890s, Kohler’s ideal was to strive for beauty and functionality, creating designs that defined grace while remaining clever, cutting-edge and even playful.

Some designs lean toward nostalgia, while others have a forward-looking feel, and others still seek to combine old with new and art with technology, all while maintaining a very high standard for quality. This bold, global, and long-term approach has set Kohler at the top of bathroom manufacturing.

Kohler truly “does it all” in bathroom design. This company produces accessories, furniture, cabinets, baths, bidets, faucets, customizable showers, sinks, ensembles, toilets and even whirlpools.

Some of their more recent novelties include an overhead showering panel (Ambient Rain) complete with colored lighting options, shower lockers (for inside the shower, but they keep everything therein perfectly dry), and one of my personal favorites a DTV system. The DTV Shower Experience blends several sensory items into one room including music, lighting, and steam, all of which can be adjusted digitally with one touch.

Add to this a pedicure spa, counter top space-saving basins, sound tile speakers, and fixtures that come in rich finishes like brushed chrome or bronze and its easy to see why consumers trust Kohler for diversity and innovation.

The ultimate in elegance is the Kohler antique line, which features sinks, faucets and taps, as well as entire suites such as this one, a vintage look in new modern materials

It defines grace in the room, affording you the luxury of the deep old style tub, the pedestal sink and the faucets and sink bowl of peony print.

Kohler is more than just bathroom suites, they are art in user friendly, easily installed form. Take a peek a the faucets and sink here, part of the nostalgia collections that are the vintage look. Although a bit more costly than the average, Kohler features a full warranty and excellent service.

Isn’t it time you came home to Kohler?
In terms of warranty, most Kohler products have a one year defect-free warranty (for materials and workmanship). Electronic faucets, valves, water filter systems, and controls have a five year limited warranty (the limitation being that if the item is not properly cleaned and cared for, the problem will not be covered).


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