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For all intents and purposes, a kitchen is a bit like a lab or a workshop. It is also the heart of the home.

Both these designations mean that spending a little extra time finding the right storage solutions for your kitchen will not only maximize the space, but also create a visually appealing area in which its enjoyable to work or visit.

There are two types of storage ‚ hidden and seen.
Both of these categories have seen tremendous creative growth in the face of the current culinary craze.

For example, there are cabinets with built in recessed shelves and pegboards mounted to doors. There are also shelf fittings and door mountings for homeowners who do not want to replace their cupboards completely. One of the cleverest designs around is a lazy susan type cupboard that has a door on the backside too, complete with shelves for plastic wrap, aluminum, and food storage bags!

The first step to take before buying storage items, however, is to consider not only your space, but what you most need to store.
Glasses have different requirements than pots or culinary herbs, for example.

The weight of items, how breakable they are, and how often you need to access them all play into smart, stylish storage.

Let’s start with cookware.
Many kitchens are going to a ceiling or wall fixture for pots and pans in materials like iron, stainless or brass to match kitchen appliances.
The ceiling fixture requires a space where people won”t be walking under it (unless you have very high ceilings), and a space near the stove for functionality.

The wall fixture offers a little more versatility so long as you have some sturdy studs in which to mount them. Both, however, create a nouveau country feel for a kitchen and easy access to tools as desired.

In turn, putting pans here also opens up other cupboard space into which less used small appliances, canned goods, etc. can then be moved to free up counter space.

Having said that, moving pots and pans may not solve the problem of serving trays and larger baking pans. Some stoves offer a pull out drawer or side storage space for this reason. If you do not have this option, part of your countertop could be dedicated to a vertical storage system (with or without a door).

These could alternatively go into a cupboard that you wouldn”t normally use much (due to its location) to make for easy access for the items as needed.

Glassware is often now hung under the cupboard to leave that space open for plates, bowls, etc.

And for those of you fortunate enough to have a pantry or utility closet in or near the kitchen, this is the ideal place to install pull out bins for or shelves for whatever you wish. The key as with any undertaking is to know your family, your tastes, and your living patterns to create storage areas that improve the feel of your kitchen and function effectively.


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