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Homeowners can realize great savings in their kitchen remodeling project when they do their footwork and invite bids from multiple contractors.

Bidding contractors offer an attractive range of prices for work and materials when they know they have local competitors, and they can package smart tile, cabinet, and countertop features, enabling homeowners to realize the kitchen of their dreams.

The essential homeowner footwork lies in knowing what you want in your kitchen, creating a realistic budget, and compiling a list of local contractors that specialize in your desired kitchen features. For example, there are a number of local contractors who specialize in performing a complete kitchen remodel.

Look for local contractors who focus on cabinets, specializing in oak, maple, birch and other woods. Or, perhaps you’re looking for a flooring and countertop specialist who can give you a competitive bid for tiles (granite, slate, ceramic, marble, etc.) or laminate.

Countertops, kitchen flooring, and cabinets are big-ticket items. You can save money on all remodels by interviewing several local contractors and asking for references and pictures of their completed jobs. Ask your friends, neighbors, and relatives if there is a contractor they can recommend. Compile a list, and then begin interviews and soliciting competitive bids. Be sure your prospective contractors show you finished projects in the specialty you’re after (ask for oak or tile samples and names of former customers, for example).

When you’re narrowing your choices, be sure your prospective contractor holds pertinent local and state licenses, has insurance, and has a clean record with the Better Business Bureau.

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