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Cafe curtains for those who don’t sew aren’t at all hard to make and they look absolutely delightful when they are hung in a country kitchen.

Delightful cafe curtains can be made from the white cotton toweling that makes them easy care, able to be laundered and dried on normal cycles and you can change your color frequently as they are inexpensive solutions to curtains..

Window clips, which will slip onto the small round rods can be fitted with virtually any hemmed cloth to make beautiful curtains for your kitchen windows without paying a hefty price.

In many smaller stores, large kitchen towels can be purchased for sometimes as little as a dollar a towel, and fitted to go in your windows, where they afford a country decorating look that you just can’t beat at any price.

As with any other curtain, measure your window and multiply by 2 to get more fullness at the window.

Measure the towels and fit the number you will need to get your window coverage.

Fit your rod above the window as you would like it to sit.

You are going to need curtain clips situated about every two inches to hold your curtains in place.

They can be purchased in nearly any hardware or fabric store, or ordered online, and look like these pictured below.

Using tea towels and clipping your clips onto the short side, clip the clips onto the curtains and slide them over the round curtain rod, making sure that you have plenty of fabric width to cover the window.You can either stitch two towels together to make the curtains one piece on each side, or use four curtains at each window to assure that you have the width that you need.


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