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Sometimes, prior to installation of the actual light, you will need to install a ceiling light outlet box.

This does require some effort, but is overall, not too difficult.

Step One, will be to mark the place on the ceiling where you will install the new outlet box. Be sure that your dimensions are exact, to ascertain that the outlet box will fit well.

Step Two, Using extreme care cut the outlet hole to the correct dimensions.

( Numerous types of mounting devices are available on the market. Be certain that what you get is the correct type for the light that you are installing.

Those which have expanding devices on the side of them are usually used only for very lightweight lighting. They anchor only to a relatively small area and will not hold a great deal of weight.

Some boxes are designed to be nailed directly to the ceiling joist, and provide you with angled nailing holes, making it possible to nail the box into a hole that you cut into the ceiling.

Most better quality mounting bars have an expanding feature that will permit them to tighten between two joints. These bars must be inserted into a hold cut in your ceiling. Depending on the type of mounting bracket, some will lay flat against the drywall above the ceiling, while others will require clearance to attach an electrical box.

Your next step will be to insert a hanger bar through the hold to sit quite firmly on the back of the supporting ceiling, Position this hanger bar carefully to be certain of a firm support of it.

Now you will want to connect the feeder cable to the outlet box.

Prior to doing so, make sure that if the cable is connected to live poer, that all power is turned off at the main switch prior to connecting it.

Secure it to the box with a clamp.

* Next, mount the ceiling outlet box with the wire on the hanger bar with the nipple and locknut which are attached. Be sure always that your current is off prior to taking any of these steps.. Connect the feeder cable to a power source and begin to hang your ceiling light fixture..


* Some ceiling outlet boxes have no stud in the center. In cases such as these the ceiling fixture is usually put onto a strap that is screwed to the threads in the outlet box.

The ceiling fixture is then attached to the strap with screws.

If the ceiling outlet box has a center fixture stud, mount the fixture by attaching the strap to the center stud with a locknut .

Once the fixture strap is firmly attached to the fixture stud with the locknut, screw the canopy to the strap with two screws.
If your geographic area permits you to work with solderless connections then use those to connect the wires.

It is necessary to use whatever code requires in your area to join the wires and also imperative that they be completely insulated.

Use great care when you are connecting wires. Black usually attaches to black, white to white and green or copper to green and or copper.

Follow the wiring diagrams to the letter and it cannnot be expressed often enough to make certain that the power is disconnected to the light before you begin to work with it.

Attach a nipple to the lower section of the hickey with a locknut. Then mount the fixture canopy to the nipple with a collar.


* You can mount chandeliers right into ceiling boxes as replacements for ordinary ceiling or drop fixtures. However, the mounting style varies according to the style, weight and design of the chandelier.

* When installing heavy chandeliers, it is a good idea to check the existing box. It must be mounted firmly enough to carry the weight of the new fixture.

* When replacing an ordinary light fixture with a chandelier, the first step is to turn off the current and loosen and lower the canopy of the old fixture . Regardless of how it is mounted, the fixture should be totally removed, leaving the wires for the new fixture completely exposed and ready for mounting
* In many cases, you can mount the chandelier right into the hickey used for the old fixture of, if a different type is required it is usually provided for you..

* Some chandeliers are designed to bolt to brackets that are mounted right onto the mounting strap . In this case, the mounting bracket is attached to the nipple which is placed in a firm position with the locknut.

Next you will mount the fixture to the brackets that are of course attached firmly to the mounting strap.
Many types of chandeliers must be mounted to the outlet box by a regular fixture strap which is mounted to the threaded section of the outlet box, and the canopy is then mounted directly to the mounting strap.

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