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Installing your own washing machine isn’t all that difficult and can in fact be done by the most amateur of we do it yourselfers, since it requires just the connections in the house to the hoses and the standpipe.

The following steps will see you washing your laundry in about half an hour at the longest.

A two inch drain called a standpipe is installed with a trap above the floor. It will usually be about a foot above your floor. Make sure there is a filter there.

Check for filter washers in the hose lines.

Install the hot and cold water lines so that you can reach them when you machine is in proper place.

TIP:Your standpipe drain should always be taller than the water level in your machine that is highest to prevent siphoning, or water backup.

Connect the water lines to the hot and cold water supply, making sure that hot goes to hot and cold to cold.

Put washers into the end of the hose and hand tighten. Then give‚ it about a quarter twist with your pliers to tighten the hose to the machine.

Set the drain hose into the standpipe. Secure the hose to the drain pipe with duct tape to keep it from popping out and flooding the floors if you like.

Level the washing machine. This is done by screwing in or unscrewing the legs under the machine to raise or lower it. Use a level to be certain that you are correct.


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