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ALWAYS disconnect power to the dishwasher prior to working on it.. Do this by flipping the breaker or unplugging the unit at the source.

Most dishwasher heating elements are located in the bottom of the dishwasher, under the lower dish rack. Open the dishwasher and look into the bottom.
It may be covered so there s a chance you will need to remove a heating element cover.
The heating element will look like a thin round or oval tube, much like the elements on top of an electric range.

Your heating element will have to metal ends called terminals, one at each end. They will reach down into the base of the dishwasher so you will need to mark in your mind where they went through and then open the kickplate, which is a panel beneath the dishwasher door. There are normally screws which hold that on, either two or four of them will need to be removed.

Find the place where the element is connected to the wire connector and mark the ends of each terminal so you can reconnect them properly later.

Take hold of the connector and pull on it firmly.

DO NOT pull on the wire itself.

You may need to use a pair of needle nosed pliers to help you.

Both terminals are held in place with a lock nut. You can use a pair of pliers to loosen, and then remove each one.

Reach into the dishwasher and lift the element out. Throw it away and then place your new heating element in place of the old one.

Slip the terminals through the holes in the base of the dishwasher.
Replace each of the lock nuts.

reattach each of the wires correctly because you labeled them earlier in order to know which one leads to which terminal.

Put the lower kickplate panel back in place.

Restore the Power.


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