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I have a hobby, which is to purchase mobile homes and renovate them, to make them homey and nice and then sell them.
Its a fun hobby and its made me some minimal money, but the reality is that its also lost me some, by not being careful in what I purchase and checking it all over.

When you plan to purchase a home, whether it is prebuilt, brick and mortal, mobile or modular, there are certain thints you will want to inspect for prior to a signature or money changing hands.

You will want to inspect it carefully to be certain it is the right home for you and your family and your purposes.

In consideration of the importance of the decision that you are about to make, nothing is so important as research when choosing to purchase a new home of any kind.

Condos, to modulars to preconstructed gated communities, the home you purchase is a big investment in your lifestyle and your future. Going to view the home with the right tools is necessary in order to check it thoroughly prior to making an offer on the home.

Be certain you are armed with the right equipment when you go to view homes.Go to see as many as you possibly can in any given weekend so that you can make an informed choice about what you want from a home.

Take a few things with you.

Be sure to wear comfy clothing so that climbing about and measuring and checking certain aspects of your newly built or used home is easier than if you were not dressed casually.

Come with your tool kit in tow. Here is what I’ve found that I need:

a flashlight: for lighting up a darkened hallway or closet.

a digital or instant camera for taking those necessary photos to compare later,

A notebook for jotting down your thoughts on the home, or measurements of windows and doorways, to ascertain whether some of yoru furniture will have problems being put inside.

A level, to be certain that floors and ceilings are level and square, particularly in a prefab home, to avoid issues with decorating or furniture placement.

A measuring tape so that you can measure windows, doors, room sizes, and other aspects of the home.

When you view the home be certain to open a few cabinet doors, (with permission if the home owner still lives in the home) to make sure that mold or mildew does not exist there.

Check every possible nook and cranny to be sure that some damage is not hidden, such as water damage in a closet or attic roof where leaks may be causing damage but not showing in the home.

Checking the roof is an absolute necessity, even if its from a distance and going over the under sink plumbing fixtures will absolutely save headaches later on.

Check any furnaces as well as ductwork, which may save you a great deal of money at some point in the future.

Most home owners and contractors are honest people with a high level of integrity, but unfortunately some are not.

It is necessary to protect your own interests with regard to a new home purchase.
When you find a home that seems as if it might be for you, be certain to have a contractor, or other home inspector take a hard look at it for you.


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