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With the advent of winter time in most of the country, our thoughts seem to turn to ways to make our indoor space more like the outdoors, more fresh and green and more healthful.

One of the ways we can accomplish that, and chase away the dreariness of the shorter days and the duller coloration and less greenery, is to accomplish our own small gardens inside our homes.

This will not only add to the quality of our air, and filter it, but it tends to add to the quality of our lives.

Gardening is healthy for body but also for the mind, particularly in the winter months. It can afford a hobby that will stimulate your creativity, and give you hours of enjoyment that will keep you feeling a sense of well being all winter long.

Indoor Gardens
Indoor Gardens

Indoor gardening can take on several forms, the most common of course being the window sill herb garden, however there are also some other creative ways toa ccomplish a garden inside our homes that will last all winter and be moved outside in the spring time to green up our outdoor gardens.

One method to use is to select a spot and set up a small cold frame, or mini greenhouse which will let you plant anything and everything from tomatoes to lettuce that can be harvested and used all winter long.

Another method will be to try your hand at hydroponic gardening.
Using only liquid nutrients, and very little space a lovely and elegant garden can be planted inside using stylish pots and bottles that will offer elegance as well as foodstuffs and herbs to your winter table.

A third method that I used last fall was to build a small wooden box and decorate it with the theme of my own dining room, which was apples.

Indoor Gardening
Indoor Gardening

I planted the plants in ity and hung my own indoor window box and found that it grew the most wonderful leaf lettuce which makes a great treat and a change from the normal winter fare.

Whatever you use and however you decide to grow your indoor garden, do spend the time to create one.
It will keep you smiling well into spring.


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