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I love winter time and I love the snow falling outside my window. Unfortunately I also love gardening and the two things don’t seem to be compatible. When the winter snows hit, I truly feel a need for greenery inside the house.

Thats what makes the need for a good indoor gardening plan a necessity. Statistics will tell you that if your home is filled with plants and greenery that your air will be fresher and that the home will seem more welcoming.
I don’t know about any of that but I know that an indoor garden makes me FEEL good in the wintertime. Seeing my indoor garden blooming makes me feel a bit less closed in, a little more like the outside is still accessible and the snow hasn’t killed everything. I can therefore appreciate the snowfall more because I have a few things growing in my indoor garden keeping me feeling the springtime approaching.

One of the ways we accomplished it last year was to take our window box of wood, and put a bracket on the inside of our window, and begin to grow things inside as well. The dining room, being a tiled room was a good place to grow them, in a sunny north window, as opposed to the living room which has a lovely off white carpet, that doesn’t take well to soil stains..

It was easily accomplished, didn’t require more than a couple screws to hold it on (after a few years, my husband has gotten accustomed to it. A little tip: When they see you coming with your screwdriver, don’t let their tears dissuade you from putting those brackets in.

I took three brackets designed to hold the window boxes outside, and used them inside, BELOW the level of the window and filled the window box about half full of earth. Into that I put some narcissus and miniature tulips, which bloomed about Christmas time, and when those were done, I removed them and added some ornamental grasses.
One of the places I’ve found some truly wonderful decorative pots and indoor window box items is Plant Containers.com so you might want to take a look there. They tend to be a bit pricey but the sale items are a good value and the containers themselves are completely lovely. You can find just about anything .

Into my window greenhouse indoor garden, which we’ve included the directions for on the site, I planted multiple small pots of herbs.

I have cats, and this is also a super solution for setting up an inside garden that the cats don’t trouble too much as for some reason they tend to not get on the windowbox. (Unless of course I were to fill it with catnip or some other drawing item)

The best window to place your window boxes will be a north window, where it will gather the sun in the afternoon. I’ve also found that its best to take a plastic sheeting inside my window boxes, then a layer of small gravel to aid in drainage prior to adding the soil. The window boxes are lovely and the blooming flowers always gether compliments from visitors.
Another method we use, is to fill up various pots with different blooming flowers and greenery, such as amaryllis, philodendron and ivy and sit them in bunches on various side boards and tables. The groupings are a nice part of our country decorating style, particularly when we select wood pots or terracotta style pots to use, which work well with our country and rustic decorating style.
Try a few herbs from seed, to put into your window greenhouse, or into pots for your indoor garden. THey will go with any decorating style and will absolutely make your mood sunnier when the days get shorter and gloomier.
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