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Considering selling your house? There are a lot of ways to increase the value of your home before you put it on the market and most of them, surprisingly enough just don’t cost all that much to accomplish, but will absolutely maximize the value of your home.

Anything that improves the overall appearance of the home will normally add something to its value. Whether or not you sell, the home improvements mentioned are not all costly and will in fact make your home not only more valuable but also more comfortable.

  1. One of those things surprisingly, is molding. It can usually be installed by the home owner and is not always an expensive proposition, but a nice contrasting molding will make a big difference.
  2. The most important room in the home that will either make or break a sale is the kitchen. Very often that is the first place the prospective home owner will check and in reality, for all our advancements many consider the kitchen still the heart of the home.
    Refacing your cabinets and drawers will add to the value of the home overall and also increase its draw to buyers. If you can’t reface, then buff up the cabinets you have with a good paste wax and buy some high end handles and drawer pulls such as brass.
  3. The Bath is another of the most important areas, and will sell the house. Resurfacing the tub, changing vanities and perhaps laying a new glossy tile are all ideas whose cost is not overly exhorbitant but will add a great deal to your homes appeal.
    Installing a towel warmer bar, or other state of the art equipment, even in an older bathroom will also add to your homes sellability.
  4. If you can’t install a new roof, make sure that it is completely repaired and coated so that you can honestly say that there are no leaks and the roofing has been inspected recently.
  5. If you can afford it and have a wood exterior to your home, unless of course it is a log cabin or other rustic home, consider adding vinyl siding. New siding will add more than 10,000 dollars to the price of your house.
  6. Put on a fresh coat of paint both inside and outside. It will make a very dramatic difference in whether or not someone does want to purchase your home. Do be careful as to coloring. Neutrals are best or earth tones. Now is probably not the time to try out that fuschia that you liked.
  7. If your carpets are seriously threadbare, do be willing to add a new rug to the budget and if they are not threadbare or worn, make sure that you have them cleaned or steam clean them prior to showing the house.
  8. modern appliances, a new refrigerator and a nice range, as well as amenities such as a dishwasher will add appeal to the home.
  9. The outside of the home is the first ting that prospective buyers are going to see. Make sure that it is tidy, that the lawn is mowed and it is well maintained. A single tree can add thousands to your homes value.
  10. Fencing will add appeal to most homes and well placed flowers and shrubs will also be a big draw. Make sure that the home is at least minimally landscaped.
  11. You can only make those improvements that your budget will permit however, in most cases, things such as molding and paint are not too costly to undertake and mowing the lawn is something that anyone can do in an effort to put their best foot forward for the buyer.


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