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Birds depend on safe places to nest and rest. Their shelter and habitat are very vital in their survival. Birdhouses are a good option in supplementing the natural habitat of birds. Not only is it attractive to look at but also a way of giving Mother Nature a helping hand. In recent years, mature trees are hard to find in most areas. One of the best ways to fill the gap is to recreate or replicate the natural environment to attract the birds to your home. Birdhouses are plenty in the market. There are many types in different shapes and sizes to choose from. Different birds have different requirements. They actually inspect several birdhouses before they decide on a particular one. You can make your own birdhouse but be sure that you keep these the following things in mind:

  1. Decide on what type of birds you want to attract
  2. Never use toxic materials in building your birdhouse. Use untreated woods when making the house because chemicals can be toxic to the birds.
  3. Do not paint the inside of the birdhouse. If you need to paint the outside, the color must be something that will blend with the environment. Do not use bright colors as this will attract the predators more rather than the birds.
  4. Make a hole that is large enough for the bird to fit in and not larger because it might invite predators to invade the birdhouse.
  5. The birdhouse should be made with holes and drainage slots. This will prevent the nesting place from getting filled up with water when raining and drowning the birds.
  6. Slots near the roof must be provided for heat to escape during the summer and to keep the birds cool.
  7. Extend the roof out over the entrance hole for protection against the rain.
  8. Thick woods must be used because this will also act as insulator to extreme temperatures in the summer and winter.
  9. Make the birdhouse accessible to clean and in a location where the birds will be safe.

If you decide to buy one instead, make sure that the above mentioned are all present in the chosen birdhouse. Cheap and decorative birdhouses are not necessarily the right one for your yard. Avoid those that were simply glued together, stapled or nailed. Keep in mind that giving shelter to the birds carries more responsibility than keeping your backyard beautiful.
The surest way to attract the birds is to keep your birdhouses attractive enough for them and safe as possible as for the nesting birds. If for some time your birdhouses are not yet occupied, try moving it to a new location. It may attract the birds more rather than changing the birdhouse all together. To increase your chances more of having the birds, there are quite a variety of bird food available in your local pet store to buy. Also, you can try to put up a variety of birdhouses if space permits to attract different species.


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