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Americans tend to spend a lot of time inside, particularly in the wintertime. In fact statistics say that we spend more than eighty percent of our time inside.
With all of our modern technologies, and so much emphasis on home efficiency, many homes become traps for airborne particulates, dust, mites and other contaminants so that the air in here, is far worse than that which is outside.

Each time you scratch an itch, file your fingernails, dress, comb your hair or groom your pet, you are releasing particles which become household dust but are in reality, the epidermis of humans and pet dander for the most part.

This isn’t something you really want to breathe, so we need to use every method that we can of geting rid of it.
Our furnace filter can be a big help but only if we let it. Furnaces run a great deal during the wintertime and in summer, if you use a central air conditioning system, they will also filter the air.

However if they aren’t clean and well cared for themselves they are not going to be a great deal of help to us in our fight to keep the air inside clean.
If your furnace filter isn’t changed at least every three months, its not doing its job and your body, the sinuses and nasal passages are forced to do that instead.If you smoke, have multiple pets or live in a highly dusty area, you will want to try changing the furnace monthly instead of every three months to assure that it works at peak efficiency.

For you to select the right filter for your furnace is a lot easier than it looks because many of them just look thin and inefficient even to someone who has no idea what they might be looking for.
Among your choices are:

Disposable panel filters: Low-priced and for all intents and purposes virtually useless.

Washable/reuseable filters:hard to get clean even with the garden hose

Pleated filters: you must change these filters frequently .

High Efficiency Pleated filters to attract tiny particles that other filters don’t catch, including smoke.

To change your filter,

turn off the power to the furnace fan.

Find the filter.

Slide it out of its channel.

Look for an arrow on the edge of your filter.
Make sure the arrow points TOWARD the furnace when you slide in your new filter.


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