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So you’re ready to take up a new hobby and the guys are work are recommending golf.
If you have an interest you’re going to, of course, need to buy the equipment to make it possible to learn and to play.
The visits you made to the driving range with the friends gave you an itch to try the real deal, but without the tools of the trade, you’re not going to be able to play.

Which means that you, the novice in this kind of equipment, need to go and buy something to help you learn how to play, and something that will be good enough to improve your swing but not cost a small fortune in case you decide its not for you.

A good way to go is to begin with a set of pre-owned clubs, or a lower cost set at a sporting goods store.

They will not only save you hundreds of dollars, but help you to decide whats your pleasure, what suits you best as far as clubs go and keep you in the game without bankrupting you at first.

There are literally dozens of stores in your area that are going to sell used clubs, and many of those stores will have a putting green on site so that you can at least swing with the club and see how it fits you.

Before you go to the store, check out any clubs that seem like they might suit you.
Research a few, reading golfing magazines, asking friends who golf.. Even perhaps invite one to go with you shopping.

Ask a friend what works best for them, and not only what is the best bet. but why it works for them, what they like and don’t like about it.

The amateur golfer who plays frequently probably has as much insight into clubs as a pro at the course and has a great deal more objectivity.

When you think you’ve found what you’d like, then it’s time for a visit to the sporting goods or golfing shop to find it.
In the beginning a used set is undoubtedly best.

Many of the experts in the field recommend beginning with a half set of clubs.
This would offer you five irons, a wedge and woods as well as a putter.

1. Check the size. Is it too long, too short, leave it at the store.

2. Check for dents, scratches and other signs of abuse. Pay careful attention to the grip and shaft because this will be the most important aspect of the club.

3. Check every club, not just one or two. Different models or shaft styles will affect your game particularly when just beginning in the game.

4. Take a few practice swings with the clubs and see how they feel to you weight wise. A club that is too light or heavy for you won’t help you to improve your game.


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