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BASIL, SWEET (Ocimum basilicum) Both green and ‘Dark Opal’ basil are wonderfully pleasant garden plants. Basil has the added benefit of being easy to transplant from the smaller baskets that you place it in to start the seeds.

Basil grows to about 18 inches tall, and should have about a foot between the plants it has an excellent foilage, that is deep red in color and has light pink flowers.

It is a superb herb to use to add flavor to any tomato based dish.

BORAGE (Borago officinalis) Borage has pinkish blossoms that will turn to a blue color.

Borage is an annual and must be planted yearly. It can be planted directely into your garden in early May, even in the northern parts of the US. It will grow to be about two feet tall and as such in a smaller herb garden should be planted toward the rear of the garden.

It does not take transplanting well unless it is relatively small in size.

It is excellent used in tossed salad to add a most elusive flavor.

CHIVES are a perennial that grows from bulbs or seek. They are very easy to grow and in fact very prolific in that they will self seed to the point that they are impossible to get rid of if you are not careful in thinning and keeping them pruned back.

They look very much like blades of gress and will grow remarkably well in a wet rainy season as well as a drought season.

They are lovely additions to the garden with a light pink flower and a superb mild flavor when added to anything in which you might use onions.

Chives grow equally as well on a sunny window as they do out of doors.

DILL (Anethum graveolens) This is an easily grown annual, which must be replanted each year. It has a beautiful fernlike feathery foilage, with small pale yellow blossoms.. Excellent in soups and stews it is also used to make dilled or pickled vegetables or pickles, and works well with meat dishes as well.

LAVENDER (Lavandula). This is a hardy perennial with gray foliage and spikes of fragrant lavender flowers, which when dried are used to perfume the linen chest and for sachets. Dry easily when hung free in a dry garage or attic.

It is also useful in cooking such delights as lavendar cookies.

MINT (Mentha spicata) Nearly impossible to kill, mints of all varieties will grow nearly anywhere at any season.. It is a hardy perennial and spreads by root stolons. It grows to 2 feet and is rather sprawling, in habit. Space 12 inches apart. Is at its best in good rich soil. Excellent mint jelly and in mint juleps, lemonade and other fruit drinks.

SAGE (Saivia officinalis) A wonderfully hardy perennial is often grown in gardens for its pretty foliage and spikes of bluish flowers. Grows to 2 feet and should be spaced 12 inches apart. Can be sown outdoors in May with germination in 21 to 30 days. Excellent for culinary uses in such things as stuffing or dressings for chicken, turkey, pork and for flavoring sausages.

THYME (Thymus vulgaris) This is a hardy perennial being of somewhat shrubby growth. Leaves are cut for drying before the blossoms are open. It is easily grown from seed sown indoors with germination in 21 to 30 days.

Grows slowly when young.

Grows to 12. inches; space 8 inches apart. It needs rich soil.

Thyme is used for flavoring soups and poultry dressing.


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