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Bromeliads are a unique class of plant matter, whose class is home to some of the most strange and unique plant forms. There are over two thousand species that are recognized as bromeliads, and they can range in size from a tiny two inch tall plant to giant behemoths that are over thirty feet tall.

They are among the most unique and beautiful of the plant kingdom and growing them will assure that your garden gains constant comment, as they are not often seen in many areas. Bromeliads can be found in nearly any area of the world, but they aren’t commonly cultivated by the average gardener, so if your goal is to have a unusual garden, this is the way to go.

They have a remarkable method of using the scales that are on their leaves which are actually an organ,  to draw water directly from the air.

Bromeliads can be, much like any other plant species, remarkably easy, or quite difficult to grow depending on the type that you select.

To grow them, you will want to choose a very porous potting medium, not normal soil, and keep it continuously damp by misting it. If you choose plants of the tillandsia variety, they will enjoy and greatly benefit from a weekly soak with water.

You can help them to bloom by  putting them in a closed plastic bag with a few ripe apples or a banana. The ripening fruit fumes will actually stimulate the production of flowers.

Removing the offsets, or the lateral, pups, will assure that the plant propagates as these grow into new plants, while the parent plant will eventually die regardless of your care of it. remove them when they have reached about a third the size of the parent plant, and house them in a porous medium amd within a month they will root.

YOu can also put some bromeliads together on a large branch that has covered itself with moss, and secure them in place with florist wire, and they will root and grow there. Make sure that you keep them evenly moist by misting, and apply plant fertilizer of the leaf variety once in a while..

This is a dramatic and effective way to grow and display your bromeliads.

If you choose to grow your bromeliads inside the home, one way to assure their continued good health, as well as your own is to use a cool mist humidifier in the room with the plants.

One of the most commonly known bromeliads is the pineapple.


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