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I love plants and I love to watch them grow and to have herbs and flowers planted in my kitchen, able to be used when the weather outside is not such that anything will grow here.This is how I accomplish some of the herbs and plants that I grow during the winter months, when a house needs more plants and the people inside it need the vitamins that those leafy greens provide.

I was looking for a way to accomplish this, in a larger scale than just a windowsill garden, but small enough to keep inside and not have to worry about the cats or dogs, or having to find a space for them. Here is a photo of what I use to do that.

The perfect solution appeared in the guise of a mini greenhouse, which I could put in the laundry room during cold nights and days and keep it warm as well as sunlit by using the window, or, when the days warmed above freezing, using the wheels it could be set outdoors on the porch.

My advice to anyone who wants to grow in the winter, is go with a mini greenhouse. Your plants will be protected from the weather, from your pets and anything else that you may want to protec them from.

The size of my mini greenhouse, also known as a cold frame, is just about perfect. It will be perfect for your smaller porch, courtyard or deck, and can even be used in a small rom when the weather is too cold for leaving it outside.

The same benefits of a large greenhouse such as the hobbyist uses are afforded to you in these, however they will fit in a smaller space, most usually about 5 square feet.

The way the cold frame, or mini greenhouse operates is that it will permit the sunlight into the frame during the day, by shining through the clear plastic covering and then, at night, it will retain that heat and keep the small area warm during cold nights.

The heat is essentially trapped. When your mini greenhouse, or cold fram is closed it also has the benefit of trapping the moisture, so that you will often see the condensation on the plastic covering during the evening hours,.

This will also effectively lower your chores by allowing you to go longer without watering the plants contained in your greenhouse.

They are very useful to plant your plants earlier in the year so they can be used for growing plants that would not normally grow in your area due to a shorter growing season, or they may be used to grow plants on your deck or porch, or even inside all year round.

The very best place for your mini greenhouse, much as it is with a greenhouse is the southeast, where you will want to slightly slope the frame so that the drainage can take place and the solar absorbtion can occur.

Try to find a spot that is largely sheltered so that a wall, or hedge row will provide for its shelter against the winds of fall and winter.

Fall is one of the best times, particularly in the midwest, to sow some cool weather crops such as herbs, lettuces and fresh greens. Your fram will continue to provide for your needs for fresh vegetables throughout the winter if you take a few steps to assure that it is warm enough and sheltered from the harsh environment.

Many herbs and most leaf lettuce will grow well year around in your mini greenhouse and so will some florals.
Just imagine the satisfaction of having fresh greens year round, and being able to grow them completely organically, free of harmful toxins and pesticides.

There are many types of mini greenhouses or cold frames, with some being free standing while others will mount to walls or fences.One specific advantage of them, is that if you may need plants that have a different humidity level or temperature you can easily provide that inside the greenhouse in your home rather than use it outdoors.

When you have your greenhouse outdoors in mid fall and winter you will want to make sure that the greenhouse is well anchored and perhaps has its casters removed so that it is not prone to wheel around in a windstorms.

Your mini greenhouse is going to offer you a great many advantages and save you money on winter herbs and vegetables for many years to come, and once you have purchased one, you will wonder why on earth you didnt’ do so sooner.



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