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Growing carnivorous plants is not an easy task and unlike normal plants, no amount of general plant knowledge will compensate for some real knowledge and research about this particular species.

There are certain generalities about them that hold true.. They are warm weather creatures and like moderate temperatures and damp conditions..

If you would like to raise them outside and are fortunate enough to live in an area that sees moderate temperatures all year you could try creating an outdoor bog for your carnivores.

Venus Fly traps will do well with very damp soil, and will enjoy the bog type atmosphere.

Heres the best way to accomplish that

Dig a trench at least one foot deep and shovel in a thin layer of sand.

Cover this with a sheet of thick plastic the kind that is used for building things such as a pond and pierece it with drainage holes that are about one foot apart.

Fill it with peat rich soil and install the plants.

If there is due to be a hard freeze protect the garden by covering it with pine needles or peat. In cool climates, you may do the same thing, but use the hardier carnivores, such as butterworts and pitcher plants, which are relatively hardy and not so difficult to grow.

In the warmer climates, you can also try the Venus Fly trap as well as the California Pitcher plant.

When watering it is necessary to try to steer clear of chlorinated waters and to stick to a more natural one such as rainwater run off or spring water, or failing those, bottled spring water should be used.

Maintain a higher humidity whether outside or inside for this type of plant but do be sure to protect them from very hot and bright light.

If you have never before attempted to grown carnivorous plants, it may take a bit of time to get the hang of it.. Make sure that what you purchase for the firest few plants is not so expensive so that mistakes don’t cost you the earth..

also .. take the time to learn about them.. they really aren’t the normal plant.

Buy a book, discuss it with experts, go to the library or find a friend who already grows them, but if you do none of these things and simply grow your carnivorous plants like conventional, beloved house plants, your hungry carnivores will most likely die..

Only by using reliable sources of information will you be able to make wise cultivation decisions such as the correct soil, water, the right amount of light and the correct temperature and good fertilizer.

In addition to Venus flytraps, there are hundreds of other carnivorous plant`s and the different plants have different cultivation requirements .


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