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French country decorating is a style that brings out visions of the french countryside, rampant with fields of lavender and soft sunny days. There are many elements that lend themselves well to the French country decorating theme, and many different types of painting, decorating and furniture styles can be used to accommodate this type decorating, the resultant style is warm and welcoming, usually reminiscent of the old world, slightly rustic, and somewhat elegant in spite of that rustic look.

A French country decorated kitchen will create the feeling of having stepped backward in time and stepped out in an old world cottage in the south of France.

It will give you feelings of pleasure and warmth, offering you a glimpse into the world where rush and hurry means nothing in comparison to family, friends and the joys that life can offer.

Modern French Country Adaptation seen above

Where ever you live, be it in Nebraska or Chicago, you can bring the pleasure of French country decorating to your own home by the skillful use of color and style to draw in that warmth to your own home and hearth.
Vibrant and alive is the feeling that a French country decorating style offers, the natural tones and textures offering a resonance that is missing in other decorating styles.,

Its casual, warm and earthy and borrows from the entire gamut of the color world, lending itself well to soft pastels, earthy reds, burnt browns and rust, to forest and hunter greens as well as fire red and deep blues, each of which can be found in this very welcoming style of decorating.

Furniture’s can be deep laquered to the more unique painted styles that are part and parcel of the French country look.
For a glimpse of some of the french country style painted furniture pay a visit to Layla Grayce.com which offers some of the most unique styles available in French country decorating themes.

French country decorating also borrows from the rustic in its lighting techniques, choosing some rusty metals in furniture and lighting, as well as rough cut woods and highly textured styling with regard to walls and flooring.

A few ideas to implement in your own French country style might be the rusted tin sheeting used to make cabinet insets for you kitchen.

Above is an authentic French Country kitchen
Faux wood beams for your ceiling, and Behrs new sand painting texture painting for the walls.
Natural materials or if you are not in a place where those are available, faux natural materials has an important part in the French country style.
Rough cut wood pieces, stone flooring, or faux stone flooring, as well as highly textured berber or cotton woven rugs over them.

Natural materials such as wool, wood, copper and pottery will accessorize well in this type decorating style and make the home not only reflect the older more rustic decorating style, but also make it more practical, far easier to clean and more hardy in its durability.

In a French country decorating scheme, the focus is natural, and old, and having character and charm.
Each of these elements may be done originally, or be done with todays materials that will mimic the look and feel of the stone and wood, without the expense and labor..

In your French Country Kitchen, a very large table, preferably of heavy wood, round or oblong with a very low shine finish to it, will be a necessity.
Cherry or oak will suit the rooms style well, the older and more scratched the better to offer character and age to the room.

The lovely romqantic colors of the French country will be used to decorate the room and its fabric elements will hold shades of yellow, green and lavender as well as some deeper blues. Traditional themes are roosters, sunflowers, ladybugs or dragonflies as well as beetles, sometimes set into a border on a plaster or stone wall, which also holds lovely imagery of the countryside.

Myriad baskets will sit on tables, or hang from hooks on the beams, and brightly colored pottery, copper pots and cast iron or wrought iron will figure generously in the rooms, while natural rushes or reeds will be used to make the baskets which hold your magazines, potatoes and vegetables in the kitchen.

Natural flowers and plants will also adorn the kitchen and living room in plentiful numbers, with vines perhaps growing over the tops of the window from a pot settled on the floor below.

Any or all of these elements will help you to bring the French country into your own home.
French country decorating is a style all its own, comfortable and easy living.

Bring it home to your house.


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