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While there are more types of lights and lamps than there are people who want to use them, and a style for every occasion, in reality, there are just two kinds of lights that are in use in most homes today.

Most of these are called filament lights, where there is a wire, that is usually made of a material called tungsten that is heated up from the passing electricity and when it is sufficiently heated it creates a light.

One example of a tungsten lamp is a halogen lamp, which is nothing more than the addition of a gas inside the light.

halogen bulbs tend to last a lot longer than a normal light, which is more commonly called an incandescent light bulb.
One very positive way to lower your utility bills is to make sure that your lighting is efficient and will lower the overall electric use in your house.

If you will replace just about 25 percent of the lights in the places where your family most often gathers, such as the kitchen and living room areas, with energy efficient light bulbs, you can very often save as much as half on your lighting costs.

Using fluorescent bulbs inside your house actually gives you a far brighter and more efficient light than that which is emitted by the normal, or incandescent bulb.

Initially these type bulbs will cost a little more, but overall they do tend to last a great deal longer and most of them will pay for themselves withing a month of the time you begin to burn them.

Compact fluorescent bulbs are almost four times more efficient energy wise than the regular bulbs which means they will cost less and burn brighter and longer.


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