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Called, and rightly so, the energy savers of the lighting world, fluorescent light bulbs are in fact one of the better bargains in lighting today.

They were prior to just a few years ago, able to be bought only in the plug in type that went into the awful ceiling light fixtures. Now they can be bought to fit into any light fixture or socket available.

Comparison tests that pitted regular bulbs against those of the fluorescent variety found that the fluorescent light bulb will last as little as five times and as much as ten times longer which makes them not only less costly to run overall, but also a lot less expensive to buy, when you take into account how many you are going to need to replace the regular incandescent variety.

While its true, they are in the beginning going to cost you more, because filling all the lamps with them is a bit more expensive, withing a very short time, sometimes as little as three months, they’re going to pay for themselves.

The cons as many people remember them, is the buzzing noise that you always heard, but for the most part that too is a thing of the past. As the fluorescent bulbs warmed up, they would flicker and buzz in a fairly annoying manner.

Thats no longer true, with the advent of some new ballast material that helps the bulb to charge faster and eliminates that heinous noise as it becomes charged and warms up for use.

So many new technologies have arrived that have afforded us a different view of the energy saving lights of today.

The colors are beautiful bright whites and blues, and they save while lighting your home better.

Try out a fluorescent bulb in just one lamp as a test case and see if it doesn’t last a lot longer and burn a lot brighter as well as save not just on energy use but also on money in replacements.

Do please take care and make it a point to recycle them since the small bits of mercury in them make that something that everyone should try to do.


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