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Whether you use baskets of fresh flowers, a stack of bandboxes or a collection of samplers, the right accessories can bring any rooms decor together.

The right accessories can also set the tone for a room, making it rustic style, country, French Country or Americana, simply by the style that you select in the accessories you add to an otherwise plain room.

When you don’t add these small finishing touches the room doesn’t seem quite finished. When you add them, the rooms decor is rounded out nicely, and the great part is that in finishing touches, only your imagination limits you.

Americana Style Chair Pad
Americana Style Chair Pad
Accessories that really show well and count are curtains, chair pads, pillows, basket arrangments and nearly anything at all that isn’t nailed down.

I have teddy bears running up my stairwell on the side, old, well loved antique teddies, while marching down the windowsills are pots of herbs of varying sizes, with small painted designs on each pot.

Some styles you might select for your accessories are Americana, displayed below in the swag, pillow and chair cover, while in the living room, you might select rustic basketry and some type of collection.

Americana Swag Accessory
Americana Swag Accessory
Indeed, nearly any item that is not a major furnishing, a decorative object, artwork, certain lighting fixtures, are all considered accessories in a room and can make or break your decor and your personal style.

My own style is rustic/country decor. With that in mind, I use a lot of older frames, gleaned from flea markets and sidewalk sales, as well as twig frames, rough wood lamps, many of which I make myself to get the look I want.

The options that you have for how you arrange your finishing details is as varied as what you can use to accomplish them.

Dish Garden
Dish Garden

You can emphasize them by grouping them together, on walls, shelves or on the floor, or use lighting to emphasize just one single piece, displayed on a table or on the floor.

You can arrange them by theme, size, color, style or even based on a whim.
Your arrangements are personal choice as well as what coordinates and goes well in the decorating style that you’ve selected, and to be honest, none of them needs to be elaborate in nature.
Even a collection of wooden butter molds, or a single pretty older bowl can make a wonderful statement.

Country House Lamp
Country House Lamp
I change my own seasonally, so that whats in use in springtime, changes when fall rolls around.

You can keep the same accessories for each season, changing merely a bow, perhaps that you place on a bandbox or basket to mirror the season, while the basket remains the same.

There are so many wonderful ways to accessorize, perhaps even to change pillow covers on your sofa pillows, using fall foliage fabric in autumn and changing over to spring flowers when the snow begins to melt.

No room is complete without some small personal touches that show who you are, what your style is and how you achieve it. Have fun with your accessories and let them display a bit about you, as well as your style when you arrange and display them.


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