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We all have a drawer that is full of clutter and needs a good cleaning, and we’ve all looked at our cupboards at one time or another and thrown up our hands in absolute dismay. Fall is the perfect time to address that mess and make things neater and more organized for the upcoming holiday season.



  • Store each item so that it is easily found and easily reachable.
  • Group canned goods together and stack so that their labels can easily be seen. Discard canned goods and jars that have passed their expiration dates each time you grocery shop.
  • Place pasta, cereal, rice, and other dried foods in,labeled plastic storage containers to prevent their getting stale. Rubbermaid or Tupperware containers are ideal for this task.
  • Store gravy packets, seasoning packets, etc. in a small, clear plastic tub for ease in getting to them and so they are not mislaid in the cabinet.
  • Line up boxes with their ‘spines’ facing front (like library books).
  • If possible, store the most often used items at eye level, while those which are used less often are on the higher shelves.
  • Choose a lower shelf for paper storage and place all napkins, towels and plates together.
  • Store heavy items, such as boxes of soda and juice, on the floor or on a lower shelf.
  • If you have extra wall space, consider hanging up storage hooks, a hand vacuum, a bulletin board or other helpful organizing items.
  • Purchase handy space saving products such as stacking containers, caddies to store foil and wax paper, and sturdy baskets for onions, garlic and potatoes.
  • If you have school-age children, create a snack shelf of parent-approved treats.


  • Designate certain shelves in your refrigerator for specific items. . Since you will be adding new items in your refrigerator it is a great time to toss out old food to make space.


  • Organize spices on a spice rack and place the ones used most often in the front row of whatever cabinet hold the overflow.
  • If you have a shallow drawer near your stove, consider laying all of your small spice jars in there. Place them label side up so it is easy to view them all at once.
  • Most dried spices lose their flavor in six months. Discard any spices that are older than six months.
  • Recycle products to help organize your kitchen. You can label shoe boxes and use them to store items such as cookie cutters, candles, appliance accessories, or use the small milk crates or other stackable medium to save upward space. Also use for cookie cutters a large plastic square container as squares use less shelf space and fit better than the
  • Place hooks inside a cabinet door to hang cooking utensils on. This will help to clear drawer space.
  • If you have school age kids or someone who carries their lunch to work, create an area in your kitchen for lunch-making. Stock it with lunch boxes and/or brown bags, plastic wraps/bags, thermos, quarters and small containers.
  • Store trash bags near or in the bottom of trash can for easy changing.


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