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Bonsai is the art of, as the Japanese have named it, “tray Planting. It is a fascinating study in various methods of horticulture and art.

The art form originated in Asia, but traveled nearly around the globe and in fact traces of it have been found in tomb paintings in Egypt.

Since its origination many centuries ago Bonsai has become its own art form, and loved the world over..

In Bonsai, the tree and its container are meant to form one unit in harmony where the textures, shapes and color complement each other.

The idea is not to just pot the tree andlet nature have its way, but to bend it, shape it, and eliminate someof the branches so that the resultant shape is the image you chose when you began and it is constantly pruned and reshaped ever after.

Bonsai is the art of dwarfing trees to an exact specification.

Many varying kinds of plants are now used in the art of Bonsai, and more evolve each and every day among them,

# Cedar Elm
# Chinese Elm
# Cotoneaster
# Dwarf Pomegranate
# English Box (Buxus)
# Ficus
# Flowering Quince
# Fuchsia
# Jade Tree
# Japanese Black Pine
# Japanese Maple
# Juniper
# Satsuki Azalea
# Serissa
# Star Magnolia
# Trident Maple
# Wisteria

These are but a few of the plants that are possible to use in Bonsai, and many others are possible to work with.

Each plant must be cultivated and grwn in certain specifications and also trimmed, pruned and manipulated according to prescribed techniques.

Bonsai is a masterpiece of art and is one of the most difficult but also fascinating and rewarding hobbies to undertake.If the art form is of interest to you, pay a visit to the Bonsai Site and visit some of the many hundreds of specimens they offer in their gallery.


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