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A new roof is a necessity in many cases but it is never an easy task, nor will it be less than a costly proposition at best.

Look your roof over completely and when deciding to purchase a new roof, the first question that will spring to mind in the homeowner will invariably be the price of the roof.


This is probably the largest outlay that you will make aside from the home purchase itself.
It is not unfathomable that a new roofing project can run into the thousands of dollars given the cost of the materials as well as the labor or workers.

Cost is an issue in every aspect of home ownership and being able to estimate what this particular repair will cost you is important when choosing what materials to use and which contractor to hire.

The material costs as well as that of installing the materials are fairly standard, although they will change slightly depending upon where you live in the country, or any specific problems that the roofer may encounter while he is appraising your particular roofing job.

The material costs however will not be standard and will vary a great deal dependent upon the kind of roofing materials that you choose, however there are some real issues among the materials as well. Sometimes the more expensive material will not be the most durable.

Asphalt roofing is far less expensive than slate, but will probably last far longer and be far easier to repair than the slate product will.
To find the cost of roofing your home, simply take the area of the roof, the area that the bundles will cover and how much the installation fee will be for each bundle, depending on what material you use, and multiply the number of bundles times the cost of materials and installation to arrive at a final figure.

For example

If your roof needs to cover 300 square feet and each bundle wil cover 10 and each bundle costs 30 dollars to purchase and 30 dollars to install, that will be 60 dollars per bundle total, times the 30 bundles it will take to do your roof for a total of 1800 dollars. Always add one extra bundle of shingles as an insurance against errors or other issues.

Below you will find some cost estimates for roofing items and installation costs:

Asphalt Type Shingles are the least expensive and for cost effectiveness they can”t be beaten. They cost about 30 dollars per 100 square foot package and will cost about 40 dollars per 100 feet for installation. To get the total installations costs for your particular roof, multiply by the square foot measurements of your roof. Add extra for such things as higher pitched roof or particular problems that you may have such as roof mold cleanup.

Wooden Shingles are about 150 dollars per 100 square feet and will cost about 100 dollars to install for that same amount.

Clay tile costs are around 300 dollars for 100 square feet of purchase and will cost another 150 or175 per 100 feet to install.

Steel Roofing will cost about 250-300 dollars per 100 feet and installation costs are considerably higher at about 130 per 100 square feet.

Slate is by far the most expensive and the least durable at about 500 dollars per 100 square feet and an installation cost of almost 200 dollars per 100 square feet.
It would seem that asphalt, for all its lack of charm to some homeowners, is by far the most cost efficient of the roofing materials and can be expected to last about 20 years,.

You can learn a great deal more about roofing as well as view some of the products available by visiting Roofing.com


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