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If you are lucky enough to be one of those people who don’t really have to consider the budget for your bathroom, think elegant, think fancy, think the sky is the limit when it comes to your renovation or repair of your existing bathroom..

Bathroom renovation is one of the best ways to get a return on your investment in the change and this years bathroom is changed from dreary and utilitarian, to romantic, elegant, stylish, warm and cozy.

Elegant Bathrooms
Elegant Bathrooms

The bathroom now is a retreat for personal comfort, with a seat to visit with the bather, or a curtain and a privacy screen,
subdued lighting or chandeliers, garden tubs, hand rubbed cabinetry. Truly, the sky is the limit.

Think about your own bathroom, marble floors shining subtly and the crystal chandelier shimmering softly as you step into a candlelit spa tub for a long soak at the end of the day.

Sounds nice doesn’t it? It is in fact the reality in many of the new remodels that we are seeing now.

While many homes are taking rustic decorating to new heights, and tending toward simplicity and utilitarian styling in other parts of the home, even those homes are turning toward a softer more elegant comforting bathing area. Style and sophistication are the watchwords for the new style in bathrooms.

Elegant Bathrooms
Elegant Bathrooms
Bathrooms are becoming slowly larger, styles are changing to be more adult in nature with marble countertops and even things such as lounging chairs and a fireplace, whether it be electric or gas, to warm the room with its glow.
Some homeowners are even removing bedrooms to make room for a larger bath.

Sparkling lighting or crystal or alabaster with softened bulbs, fitted cabinetry in warm sold woods and wall tiles and countertops of marble are just some of the amenities we are seeing in the bathroom of today.
Over-sized garden tubs or saunas and spa tubs are a few of the incredible new ways to enjoy what was once the most overlooked and forgotten room in the house.

Even if you can’t afford the “skies the limit budget” there are some aspects of the bath that you can afford and include, such as the heated towel bars and beautiful brass taps, and there are some amazing look a likes that will give you the style and the look without the huge investment, that are still long lasting and lovely.

Take your own funding and look around to find things that work with it to obtain that classical style that fits your life and your budget.

The bathroom is being rediscovered and it is now your own special retreat that has every comfort imaginable..


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