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Taking an older vintage oil lamp and converting it to electricity isn’t at all difficult and permits you to enjoy the lovely glass glow without the smoke, the stink and the hazard of a fire when you burn it.

To convert your vintage lamp, unscrew the metal burner, the one that holds the wick and chimney and clean it out thoroughly with dish liquid. To fit the lamp with a converter just take it to the local home store or a lighting store.

Oil lamp converter kits come in several sized that fit most standard oil lamps.

You’re also going to need a socket, a cord and lamp plug and some needle nosed pliers to complete this craft.

Screw the converter into the oil reservoir area.

Take the metal cap from the lamp socket and thread the lamp cord into the side hole and out the top hole of your converter.

Then take it through the socket cap.

Using your pliers, split the end of the cord, removing the rubber insulation from the tips and show the bare wires.

Remove the housing for the socket to uncover the screws for the contacts.

Wrap a wire around each contact and tighten the screws that hold them in place.

Screw the socket cap into the converter until it is tight and reassemble the socket.

Add whatever shade you might like to the completed lamp.


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