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DIY, or Do It Yourself, is all the rage and for a very good reason. Home owners are finding that the cost to have something done that they can do, or can learn to do themselves is really somewhat exorbitant.

This is not to say that everything can be done on our own, because it can’t, but decorating and learning where to begin on a project and seeing it through to completion can be done or learned by nearly anyone with a bit of common sense and ambition. DIY is a knack that’s true enough, but its not an inherent one.

No one was born knowing exactly how to do a given project and get it right the first time. If they were smart however they did a little research and DID get it right the first time by letting those who knew how, teach them through books, articles and web sites. So where do you start? Oddly enough, at the beginning. You can’t even attempt to do a job without the tools you need to accomplish it.

There are some basics really that you will need to get moving in Do It Yourself projects that no one can do without when it comes to home repairs, renovations and gardening’s. One of the first things you need to consider is that you will need some tools.
Among them, the most basic will be:

Level Laser
Level Laser
A level laser or simple, a level will help to assure that you hang the shelf and adjust the washing machine well to a level standing on the floor.

A square, which is used to assure that mitered corners are square and joints will fit well, as well as other things.

A hammer: which is of course used for pounding nails. One hammer however is not the same as others. For my purposes, using them for hardwood, I would not, and culd not have one that was not rubberized on the handle for some type of padding when you are banging away at a board.

Screwdrivers: Most basic would be a set of Phillip’s head as well as straight edged, and perhaps some nut drivers and a set of hex keys would not go amiss.

At least one pipe wrench and one crescent wrench with adjustable jaws.

Pliers. Channelocks may not be necessary in the beginning but a pair of good pliers as well as some needle nosed pliers are almost a necessity.

A good metal tape measure is something that you will need oh so frequently, whether installing tile, carpet or just measuring windows for draperies or curtains.

A metal or polyurethane tool box to keep the tools in will be handy when it comes time to have to carry them to the garage, fencing area or garden, so that you don’t have to juggle as you walk.

A few other things that may come in quite handy in the beginning handyman… or woman’s tool kit will be, a set of gloves, a hot glue gun, a cold heat soldering tool and a set of clamps for clamping glued joints and so on.

You’ve probably heard it said that you can’t do the job without the proper tools and no where is that more appropriate than in the DYI game. Nothing is going to be more frustrating for you than finding out half way through the project that you don’t have the tools you need to accomplish the task you need to accomplish.

Plan ahead and save yourself some headaches later on!


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