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A miniature Christmas Tree is a super way to show your Christmas spirit at work or at home, and this one, made in the country style, is suitable for home decoration all year round.

Made of statice, babies breath and dried roses, it can be scented with a few drops of rose essential oil to scent a corner of your home.

Materials you will need.

florist wire

florist picks

styrofoam cone


baby’s breath

dried miniature roses

eucalyptus sprigs

Artificial holly and berries

1/2 inch wide ribbon in your choice of colors

Wire the statice and babies breath in bunches of two or three pieces and push into the styrofoam cone til the cone is covered and only slightly visible beneath the cover florals.

Taking your ribbon, make a four loop bow by winding the ribbon back and forth and securing in the center with florist wire.

Push the florist wire into the top of the cone for the topper, however do not cut the ribbon.

About every 3 inches, add a piece of florist wire, and swagging the ribbon, push the florist wire into the cone to secure the ribbon so that it drapes much like the garland on a Christmas tree.

Wire and florist pick some of the smaller pieces of eucalyptus, (in many cases this won’t require wiring as the stems are more than stiff enough to poke into the styrofoam).

Wire several of the miniature roses to a florist pick and push in about 12 to 20 of them (depending on the size of the cone) around the cone.

Add some sprigs of holly and place a few berries strategically over the tree.


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